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Carsharing with the largest car fleet in Russia and coverage area.
Consolidated data of Delimobil Holding S.A. for 2021, including the indicators of Delimobil and Anytime Prime. Cities of presence – as of June 1, 2022.
million users
credit rating by ACRA
by market share in Moscow
№ 1
adjusted EBITDA margin
million users
cars in the fleet
20 000
cities on the map
Delimobil is the largest Russian carsharing service in terms of fleet size and coverage area. The company is the leader by market share in Moscow, known to be a record-breaking city for the number of carsharing vehicles among global capitals*. Delimobil Group has 7.5 million registered users and about 90 000 daily trips**.

Delimobil was one of the first carsharing services in Russia, and has now become part of the transportation system of 10 major cities. By continuing to develop the direction and culture of sharing, the company contributes to reducing the number of cars and resolving the transport issue.

The service helps to travel easily and carelessly. Delimobil takes care of car maintenance, refuelling, washing, insurance, repairs, and parking fees. Our users pay only for the rental time. They can rent cars starting from a few minutes for short trips, from one day to a week for out-of-town trips or even for a month — just like using your own car.
About Delimobil
* According to Frost & Sullivan research report “Industry Report on the Russian Car Sharing Market”, 2021.
** As of December 31, 2021.
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