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Sustainable development
Delimobil plays a significant role in the development of the sharing economy in Russia. We strive to incorporate ESG principles into our business strategy in order to create a more accessible and convenient way to travel.

We want to do our part in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and have selected six priority goals that reflect our values.
In Delimobil Holding S.A.'s first ESG report, we outlined our commitments, results and initiatives, as well as our contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and our mission.
ESG report for 2020-2021
ESG report of Delimobil Holding S.A. for 2020-2021
PDF, 14 MB
According to estimates of the Moscow Department of Transport, one carsharing vehicle replaces the use of six to seven private vehicles. This contributes to the reduction of traffic jams and, as a consequence, CO2 emissions. Reducing the number of private vehicles also has a positive effect on the urban environment, as it frees the territories occupied by parked cars.

According to an industry study by Frost & Sullivan, by 2025 32% of car owners in Russia do not exclude that they will give up personal transport in favour of carsharing. The cities with one of the heaviest traffic flows like Moscow and St. Petersburg are included.
1. Carsharing contributes to reducing the number of personal cars and improving the environment
Our fleet consists of models no older than three years old. Delimobil's cars are younger than average Russian cars. That means they consume less fuel, produce fewer CO₂ emissions, and are equipped with more advanced driver and passenger safety systems.
2. A carsharing vehicle is more modern than an average car in Russia
Thanks to carsharing, transport accessibility is improved not only in metropolitan areas and satellite cities, but also in the region thanks to long-distance travels. People with different incomes, including the ones who cannot afford to buy their own car, can afford to rent our vehicle.

Delimobil is constantly increasing its coverage area. This gives users the opportunity to use our cars even in places where there are no alternative public transport routes.

We take care of all routine car maintenance: from washing to repairing. We help our users save time and money in comparison with owning a private car.
3. By developing carsharing, we contribute to improving the quality of life in major cities and the region
We advocate road safety and encourage driving without accidents and speeding. Driving carefully is more appealing and more profitable for users: responsible drivers have access to unusual models, and the price is lower for them.

With the help of additional equipment, we monitor the manner of driving, analyse and then prepare personal recommendations for the users. We test drivers for the state of intoxication or extreme fatigue, and those who fail to pass the test are prevented from driving. Thanks to facial recognition technology, we prevent the access to cars for drivers who are disqualified or do not have a driving licence.

We work with driving schools to make first trips safer and more relaxed.
4. Promote responsible driving and encourage careful drivers
To support local tourism, we open new service coverage zones, prepare advantageous tariffs for long-distance trips, select interesting routes and cover events or prepare them ourselves. In the cities of our presence, we organize music festivals and support cultural and sports events.
5. We develop domestic tourism
In 2022, a Tesla Model 3 entered the fleet. Delimobil made it possible for users to drive electric cars to charging stations themselves in order to rent them for longer periods.

We believe that the availability of electric cars in carsharing, combined with other measures, can have a tangible impact on improving the environmental situation and spreading a culture of responsible consumption.
6. We provide transport with alternative fuel
We attract and support talents in the IT sector, automotive and customer service industries. We offer them opportunities for development regardless of their gender, health, age or ethnicity.
7. Create supportive and inclusive environment for employees
We provided our cars to volunteers of the search-and-rescue organization "Liza Alert". We gave users an 80% discount to get to vaccination centres. During the pandemic, we paid for the trips of volunteers from the project «HELP», who deliver groceries to lonely elderly people. We supported young artists at the Urals Industrial Biennale of Contemporary Art. We invited orphanage graduates for internships, and upon graduation, we hired successful candidates.
8. Participate in important social initiatives
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