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If you encounter a violation of the law, ethics, evidence of collusion or violation of internal rules, please tell us about it.
We accept complaints from Delimobil Group employees, business partners, customers and third parties.
Report the violation to hotline@delimobil.ru
The Hotline processes complaints about corruption, embezzlement, abuse of position and abuse of authority, money laundering, distribution of confidential or insider information, discrimination against employees and violations of their rights and freedoms, ethics and compliance violations (including «Deliprinciples»).

By contacting the Hotline, you consent to the processing of personal data under the terms and conditions stated here.

To deal with the problem, we will need some details: the crux of the problem, where and when it occurred, the parties involved and witnesses (if you know them).

If you want feedback, we will need your contact information: full name, e-mail, and phone number.
If you have already contacted us with this problem, and it has not been solved, please specify where and when you contacted us.

This hotline is not intended for complaints about work of Delimobil Holding S.A. and its services (mobile applications, customer service and contractual work). You can ask a question or make a suggestion here.

All requests are fully and objectively checked. The results may be submitted to state authorities in cases, which are established by law. Delimobil takes all reports of planned or committed breaches seriously.

We guarantee the confidentiality and non-disclosure of the personal data of the complainants, and we also pledge not to retaliate against persons who report violations in good faith.
Delimobil's values include compliance with legal regulations and internal rules. The hotline is designed to detect cases of illegal, unscrupulous or unethical behaviour.
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